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I hope you’re here looking for a fantastic way to make some easy money online. There are a lot of scams out there, but ClixSense is no scam.

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What is ClixSense?

Undoubtedly, ClixSense is the oldest and most trusted PTC website. If you are ask me if it is real or fake, then, right now, I proclaim it is a real and legit site. PTC stands for Paid-to-click which simply means you are paid to click to view ads. ClixSense gives the opportunity for members who actively view ads, play games, answer surveys, and work with daily tasks to win prizes earn real money!

To be honest, ClixSense pays a small amount per ad view. The average daily income just from clicking ads is around $0.06 and $21 a year. That’s only from a couple of minutes a day. Why not make a couple extra bucks. BUT there are many more ways to earn money on ClixSense! Read on!

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ClixSense in my experience:

When I started using ClixSense, I was looking for a way to make a few extra bucks on the side. Very quickly I realized that clicking the ads was getting nowhere.

Originally, I was able to make between $1 and $5 a day by filling out surveys. It can be difficult to make money this way, and there are only so many surveys. However, I highly recommend clicking all ads and doing all surveys every day. It really ads up! I have made several hundred dollars doing just that within the past several months.

Proof that ClixSense pays you can be found very easily on their website. Like I have said, this is no scam!

Don’t forget to play CixGrid! You can win up to $10 per click, 30 times a day!

Soon, I discovered that the biggest and best way to make money was to gain referrals.

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What are Referrals?

The best part about PTC sites is your downline. This “downline” is your list of personal referrals. The more money your referrals earn, the more money you earn. It’s that simple. And ClixSense is great for this, because you can earn through * levels of referrals. That means all the people your referrals refer also make you money.

When you sign up from the link on this page, I will be your “upline” and occasionally I will reward active members. This includes upgrading your account to premium, where you can earn much more money.

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So my secret is to build my list of referrals. To invite or refer anyone who I know needs an extra income. Who wouldn’t like that?


For help building your downline, check out traffic exchange websites. On these websites, you can earn credits which will get you views for your affiliate link.

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